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HELP! Too Many Phone Books!

Feel like you get more phone books than you can use? The Phone book industry has put together (finally) a site where you can opt out of receiving a printed phone book: An article I read this week in Finance and Commerce stated that 85% of all phone books are thrown away, which is against Minnesota law. All of Update's buildings have co-mingled recycling, so our tenants can dispose of phone books the "green" way. But the best way to deal with the big yellow books is to only get them if you want them.

Check this out - The Foundry on Raymond's 1st Tenant

CodeWeavers Creative Office Space This 4050 sq. ft. space has a loft area and a mix of private and open space. Creative color scheme and exposed brick make this a unique space. Many windows (that actually open) and lush landscaping make this a great place for employees to work. Update worked with CodeWeavers to incorporate their needs and designs into the suite. Our great subcontractors really helped to come up with creative solutions in lighting, railings, windows and flooring. We're really excited about how this space turned out.

A peek inside our newest project

Here's a look at the inside of The Foundry at Raymond. The big iron trusses are so cool and the light from all the windows is amazing. These photos are with the lights off!