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Designing Work Spaces with Millennials in Mind

This video makes some good points regarding trends we are seeing along the Green Line.  When competing for great workers, we need to make our office spaces attractive to younger workers. Millennials  really value being on public transit .  Companies that want to attract these young workers should keep transit in mind when selecting a location for their office.   Maybe it's because this generation has seen the headaches of my generation - the expense of long commutes, not only with high gas prices but endless hours spent in the car.  They also value an open work space with many ways to connect and work.   I believe they are driving the co-working trend.   Younger workers don't want to feel tied to a desk. Computers and phones with cords are not tying them down.  The last thing young workers want is their father's bland old cubicle or an 8 x 10 office with no personality.  What if the break room was more like a bar?  What if they could work sitting on a couch or on a dec