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Long Time Connections

 Lately I've begun to think of myself as a "Midway Old-TImer."   After all, I was born in Midway hospital, and used to shop at the old Montgomery Wards store when I was little - both places are long gone.   Baptized and married in Jehovah Lutheran Church on Snelling, which is still there.  Attended kindergarten at Hancock Elementary, still there too.  As I get older I appreciate my long term connections even more. Update has many tenants that have leased from us for over 20 years - Midwest Sound, Midtown Chiropractic, Saunders Therapy Centers, Total Music, One Ninety Commons, Deneen Pottery, Forecast Public Art. We have many contractors and suppliers we have worked with for 20+ years as well. J.O. Thompson Paint and Carpet, Metzger Building Supply, Dorglass, Viking Industrial,  Midwest Chemical. And of course, our neighborhood institutions - Keys Restaurant, Hampden Park Co-op and the Midway Chamber of Commerce.   In a world where things seem to change overnight

The Green Line Opens June 14

After many years of planning and construction it's great to have an opening day set for the Green Line light rail.   I am excited to help plan the opening day celebration at the Raymond Station.  Rides will be free throughout the Twin Cities on buses and the blue line all day Saturday and Sunday.  First trains on University Avenue will start about 10:00.   There will be a celebration at the Raymond Station starting around 9:00 a.m. and lasting until about 4:00 p.m.  We will help host the Raymond event, which will include food and presentations. And knowing our neighborhood we will have a lot of cool creative things going on all day!!     

Lydia's Place

Lydia's Place is the newest tenant at 2300 Myrtle Avenue.   A co-working space with a special twist, Lydia's Place is a new ELCA ministry grounded in Word and Sacrament. The idea of working together, creating community and sharing talents and gifts is sometimes not part of the usual business model, but I think it is a unique opportunity. Although the suite is only a small one to start, I feel co-working is a growing trend.   I especially like the combination of a desire to "do good" while "doing business".    Scott Simmons, who is a Lutheran minister, is one of the founders.  He brings a real enthusiasm to this project and has already brought a number of co-workers together. I wouldn't be surprised if they need a larger space down the road.