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2014 Predicitons

2014 is going to be a positive year.  As I talk to people in our creative enterprise zone and the Midway business community I get a definite feeling of optimism.   Here are some things I feel are going to be great in 2014: The Green Line will open in the summer.  I think we will see lots of people using LRT and finding it convenient to use .Development will continue to grow along University Ave. as people will want to locate close by.  Craft brewing will continue to grow.  Urban Growler will open in the spring, Surly will work on its new campus.  St. Paul will start to catch up with Minneapolis's head start. Collaborative working will expand.  I sense a real interest in social innovation by working collaboratively.  I think there's  potential for new ideas and partnerships to come from new ways of working. I think we will see some of that happen in the creative enterprise zone. The Raymond station area will continue to grow as a creative hub.  I think our neighb