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How Safe is Your Data?

2324 University I wonder if computer hackers could get into this?  With the news that computer hackers are stealing passwords and personal information, sometimes I think the old-fashioned way of safeguarding information was better! Many of our old buildings had safes in them - Midtown Commons has two. This is the upstairs safe. We hoped when we bought the old vacant building in 1989 that we would find some hidden treasures, but alas, the safe only held old ledgers and office supplies.  This antique safe in this photo now holds air conditioning duct work. We actually have an old safe in our office that we still use to hold valuable items!  In a locked office. With a security alarm. Keep your office safe with these tips: 1.  Do not leave laptops unattended. 2.  Keep purses in lockers or locked cabinets 3.  Store checks in a locked cabinet.  Keep boxes sealed that  you're not using. 4. Control your keys 5.  Use your security alarm - every night.
Here's a great little video that shows what I love about our neighborhood!

Green Space on the Green Line

700 Raymond really looks pretty on a summer day like today.  The rain garden area is growing great and the plants are doing well.   The potted flowers really add a pop of color.