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This Corner Needs Help!

I applied for a Knight Foundation  Green Line Grant yesterday to improve the corner of La Salle and University.    I think the corner is dull, uninviting and needs more landscaping.   I'm hoping they agree with me and grant me some funding to improve the corner.   It definitely needs Something! !   Trees, more brick piers, signs, art, bike racks, flowers. Almost anything would help. We need to work to make the Raymond Station area inviting and interesting.

Our Newest Project

Okay it doesn't look like much and frankly, we are going to tear it down, but we are buying a new property: This is 661 LaSalle, just one block from the Raymond Station. We are exited to start planning our next project.  Looks like we can fit a 14,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. office building on this site. The site is adjacent to the Foundry on Raymond and our 2300 Myrtle Avenue building, so we can really develop almost the whole block.  Pretty exciting!

Raymond Station is Open for Business!!

Everything went as planned for the Green Line opening - except for the weather.   That really was too bad because the Raymond Station celebration committee worked very hard to put together a great arts and music program.  It was just too wet and windy for a lot people to enjoy.  Many brave souls came out anyway and tried out our new trains.  I was excited to get to be a first rider with my dad Chuck McCann.  He has been instrumental in changing the area around the Raymond Station.   Thanks to Kelly McManus, Amy Sparks, Catherine Reid Day, Jon Schumacher, Jack Becker and many many more.  

Raymond Station is Ready to Open

Here's a nice photo of one of the installations at the Raymond Station.  We are located in a historic district due to the industrial and transportation focus the neighborhood has always had The art installed at the Raymond Station reflects the different types of wheels used for transportation or industry.   The orange is actually the LRT train in the station. I think it turned out really well.