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Neighborhood Spotlight - Foxy Falafel

This might be your last week to enjoy Foxy Falafel out on the sidewalk  at 791 Raymond Avenue .  They have been a great addition to our neighborhood and a favorite stop for lunch.   This is the falafel salad with strawberry basil water.  YUM !!   I enjoy their cute storefront and great plants too.  It's always clean and cute.  You can follow them on Twitter to find out about their food truck locations.

There Goes the Old 661 LaSalle Building !

Looking east Why is it so fun to watch the big excavators?  I like this photo of one taking a big "bite" out of the last bit of the building that is still standing.   The operators can smash the wall of a building or pick up a small item - It is a real skill.   Bolander and Sons is doing the demoiltion for us and I can't believe how fast the building came down .  Now we can really stat working on putting together plans for our new building.  

Neighborhood Spotlight - Salon George

Salon George  856 Raymond Ave. Salon George has the most beautiful storefront flowers in the Creative Enterprise Zone.   Every year they have different plantings and each year they are amazing.   Inside the salon, you will find a beautiful peaceful setting too.   I love the renovated building and the unique art they display.   They offer hair, make-up, nail and many spa services.   Located just a few blocks north of University on Raymond Ave.