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St. Anthony Park Community Foundation

I'm excited to join the board of the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation this fall.  And what a time to join this group!  At the 15th anniversary celebration last Friday, executive director Jon Schumacher  announced that our endowment has reached over one million dollars.  The foundation uses the endowment to support schools, the arts and other groups that help to make St. Anthony Park one of the best neighborhoods in the twin cities.   The well attended celebration was held at the Urban Growler, who were great hosts for our event. The Urban Growler

Neighborhood Spotlight - Hampden Park Co-op

Fall is a great time to discover Hampden Park Co-op.  One of my favorite spots for lunch! The Co-op started at 928 Raymond Ave. in 1979 and has been serving up great soups and sandwiches for lunch ever since.   Based on sustainable principles, the co-op offers local goods and  eco-friendly products. Sidewalk dining has just been approved, so we can still enjoy our lunch outside for a few more weeks.   ww