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Showing posts from August, 2011

C&E Lofts are Starting Construction

We're exciting to see another project in the University/Raymond neighborhood. The Chittenden & Eastman Building at 2402 University is being turned into 100 apartment units. Construction will begin around Labor Day with occupancy in fall 2012. This brings an additional $ 19 million dollars of investment to the corner! University and Raymond is booming!

Do We Need CALM traffic on Raymond?

Some neighbors in St. Anthony Park are pushing for a City plan that will tear up Raymond Ave. from University to Hampden in 2012 and re-do the streets. I have been campaigning against this plan for the following reasons: 1. The scope of the traffic calming has gone from changing a unsafe interscetions to re-paving the whole street. Now it's a plan spending over $ 1.5 million dollars. 2. It removes parking along Raymond. Haven't we been over this parking thing enough? LRT took away parking from the Raymond-University area. The City has not come up with any plans to replace it. Now the calming plan will remove over 40 spaces on Raymond. Seriously? 3. Businesses were not involved in the planning and people were not told that they would be assessed for part of the cost. Update will be assessed over $ 17,500!! 4. The timing of the plan is horrible. Raymond businesses are suffering from LRT construction this whole year - can they make it through another year of cl