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So Excited for a New Restaurant in the CEZ

New kids in the Park: The Naughty Greek St. Anthony Park Community Council is excited to announce a restaurant coming soon to University Avenue in the CEZ. Construction is underway for The Naughty Greek at University  . Coming from a family of over 30 years of Greek restaurant tradition and experience, owner Angelo Giovanis shares the taste of quality ingredients and traditional recipes from his home that he couldn't find when he moved here with his wife 18 years ago. After taking it upon himself and opening doors  on Snelling and Selby last year   , he looks forward to a larger location to expand catering to accommodate larger events.  Angelo tell us, "My kitchen is open and I passionately await to teach our Neighbors and friends the true meaning of a Greek Fresh Gyro, a fresh Greek Village salad, Tzatziki made from real Greek yogurt, Feta cheese actually made in Greece along with all of our other Greek ingredients."    As we watch construction across from th