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New Development coming University/Raymond

Kraus Anderson is finalizing plans for a large apartment building at Raymond & University.
We are excited to find out some retail and commercial space will anchor the street level. 
The Raymond Station has really helped to spur redevelopment in our neighborhood. 
We welcome the many new residents the spaces will bring!  
Let's get started!


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Love The Chromazone murals!

This is one of my favorite murals by artist Chuck U. It's painted on 2290 Wycliff, close to my office.
The Creative Enterprise Zone did a great job with the mural fest!  It makes the neighborhood feel more vibrant. So much is happening here, but sometimes we fly under the radar.

I've always felt that the people in the Creative Enterprise Zone knew we had a lot going on, but now we have visual proof!    It will be fun to see what the CEZ comes up with next.

Liking these benches

I like the benches that Jack and Jim crafted for our building at 661 LaSalle.  
They look great, and should last a long time outside.